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High dose methadone to LAIB transfers
Session date: 10/03/2021
*This presentation contains outdated information and has been removed. Lookout for an update soon*
 PDF Stigma and OAT
Session date: 24/02/2021
Session 6 of our foundation series
 PDF Poly-substance use and OAT
Session date: 17/02/2021
Session 5 of our foundation series
 PDF OAT – issues in ongoing management.
Session date: 10/02/2021
Session 4 of our foundation series
 PDF Overview of pharmacotherapies – methadone, buprenorphine incl. LAIB
Session date: 03/02/2021
Session 3 of our foundation series
 PDF Opioid use disorder – assessment and treatment
Session date: 27/01/2021
Session 2 of our foundation series
 PDF Introduction to opioid use disorder.
Session date: 20/01/2021
Session 1 of our foundation series
 PDF Reducing risk of opioid-use-disorder
Session date: 04/11/2020
An overview of identifying and mitigating the risks of developing problematic opioid use.
 PDF Perceptions and experiences of pain and symptom management for people with cancer who use illicit drugs
Session date: 21/10/2020
Reports on a small study on the perceptions and experiences of people with cancer who use illicit drugs and their treating clinicians.
 PDF Sexual health
Session date: 16/09/2020
A discussion of some aspects of sexual health and substance use
 PDF Night sweats and OAT
Session date: 09/09/2020
 PDF Hydromorphone as OAT
Session date: 19/08/2020
A discussion of the evidence for the use of hydromorphone as opioid agonist therapy.
 PDF Resources available for PTSD
Session date: 10/06/2020
National and Victorian resources available for post-traumatic stress disorder survivors and clinicians, in metropolitan and rural areas and online,
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