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An introduction to Suboxone prescribing

SafeScript has the potential to identify patients with previously undisclosed opioid dependence. This two- part ECHO series, which will be led by St. Vincent’s Department of Addiction Medicine, will introduce you to Suboxone prescribing for the opioid dependent patient. Each session will include a didactic presentation followed by a case study and discussion. This series will equip you with the skills and knowledge to commence prescribing Suboxone with confidence.

Learning outcomes

  • Outline attributes of the opioid dependent patient cohort
  • List methods of screening for opioid dependence
  • Describe the process of Suboxone prescribing
  • List the permit requirements of prescribing Suboxone
  • Introduction to the Pharmacotherapy Area Based Networks and the pharmacotherapy prescribing supports available


1-2pm, October 10th and October 17th. Sessions are delivered entirely online


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We use the Zoom teleconferencing software for our sessions. Zoom is very easy to install and use. If you do have any technical queries, please call Tim Griffiths directly on 0418 910 200 or email

Our Project ECHO partners.

St.Vincent's Hospital
Primary Care Connect
Ballarat Community Health
Western Victoria PHN
Hume Area Pharmacotherapy Network

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Grampians Loddon Mallee

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T. (03) 5338 0511

Western Victoria

Gabrielle Watt, Program Lead, Pharmacotherapy and AOD
T. (03) 5564 5815

Hume area and all other areas

Tim Griffiths, Hume Area Pharmacotherapy Network
T. (03) 5823 3200

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