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We’re a wholly online community-of-practice built on the Project ECHO framework. All Teach, All Learn and Move Knowledge, not people are founding principles of Project ECHO, providing powerful, collaborative learning and teaching experiences across geographical boundaries, ultimately improving patient outcomes and advancing healthcare equity.

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What is Project ECHO?

ECHO means Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes. Project ECHO is a lifelong learning and guided practice model that revolutionises medical education and exponentially increases workforce capacity to provide best-practice specialty care and reduce health disparities.

The heart of the ECHO model is its hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing networks, led by expert teams who use multi-point videoconferencing to conduct virtual clinics with community providers. In this way, primary care doctors, nurses, and other clinicians learn to provide excellent specialty care to patients in their own communities.

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How are we using ECHO?

We are using ECHO to bring specialist knowledge and support in opioid management to Primary Care practitioners throughout Victoria.

We aim to cover all aspects of opioid management in Primary Care, including prescription and illicit opioid misuse/abuse and addiction, opioids and addiction in chronic pain management, medication assisted treatments for opioid use disorder (MAT, MATOD, methadone, buprenorphine), overdose, regulations and opioid prescribing, trauma-informed care, dual-diagnosis.

Expert-Led Team

Expert-Led Team

Our team of experts is led by the Department of Addiction Medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne. Comprising addiction medicine specialists, psychiatrists, specialist nurses, and allied health professionals, our specialists are dedicated to providing top-tier care.

Informative Sessions

Informative Sessions

Every session features a concise didactic presentation. Check out the teleECHO calendar to stay updated on the topics scheduled for specific dates. Following each session, most didactic presentations are accessible for download.

Audience-Driven Learning

Audience-Driven Learning

A significant portion of our session content is influenced by our audience. We tailor our didactic curriculum to address the needs and interests of our participants

Interactive Case Studies

Interactive Case Studies

Case presentations from participating GPs and other healthcare practitioners form the core of the ECHO model. These presentations are followed by an engaging Q&A and discussion session, during which our specialist team provides valuable recommendations to take away.

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